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“I am drawn to help leaders avoid the challenges and pitfalls I encountered in my career, for the most of which I did not have a formal coach or mentor. That means I learned the hard way, often seeking solutions without the degree of clarity and focus I needed.  As a coach, I love helping people gain the clarity they need, whether it’s to pursue their goals and dreams in the broader sense, or just problem-solve where they are right now.  I find it extremely gratifying to work with experienced and talented people to help them win in work and life.”

– Jeff Geier

I provide coaching, training, keynote addresses, and project/meeting facilitation services.

For more than 30 years I have held the lead executive/administrative position in four separate, closely held companies in the banking and medical fields.  I have extensive experience in culture creation and maintenance, strategic planning, communication improvement, revenue growth planning, net profitability planning, securing private capitalization, physical plant expansions (design/build), workflow improvements and work management system overhauls, business/practice mergers, senior leadership team development, contract negotiations and more.

If you’re looking for a leadership coach, trainer, speaker, or planning-services provider, please connect with me below.

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